Q: What are these jerseys for?

A: We took notice that generic football jerseys for pets never have any unique names for pets. Thats why we made these unique, cute jerseys to provide for all the dogs and pets out there that are fans too!


Q: How do I know what size fits my pet?

A: Simple! We've created a size chart that includes factors such as breed, weight, body, chest, and neck size just for dogs so you can find out what size exactly fits your pet.


Q: Where can I find the size chart?

A: On every single one of our products you will find a size chart, or you can find one here


Q: Whats the deal with the new website?

A: A lot of people are asking us that! We are redesigning the website because our team came to a conclusion that we need to start making our website look more modern, simple, and sell the jerseys upfront to make it as easy as possible for YOU!


Q: Are you affiliated with the NFL?

A: We are not affiliated, nor are we endorsed by the NFL in any manner. 


Q: Can I receive a refund if its not the jersey I want?

A: Yes! you will be able to receive full refunds if you email us at with a refund request. All we ask is that you give us 7 days to process the return, and give us proof of purchase (billing, etc). To view our return policy in full, please visit here for more information.


Q: How long will it take for me to get my order?

A: It really depends how far away you live. We ship our orders from the midwest, and do our best working with different shipping companies to make shipping as fast as possible. Usually under normal circumstances you should be able to get your package in 5-7 days.


Q: Where do I learn more about your pet fairs?

A: We let you guys know in our newsletter! You can also find us on instagram @petathleticwear where we will be showcasing some of our fairs, and you can also contact us at for more information


Q: Where can I sign up for the newsletter?

A: You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of every page you visit. You can also sign up for the newsletter here.